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Diamonds as an investment

Diamonds as an investmentAs people become more affluent, those who collect gems often look to expanding their collections. The cut diamond market is defined by USA, India, and China.


The Institute of Geology and Mineralogy of Russia has projected that the annual demand for diamonds will increase to $18 million (USD) by the year 2012, but supply will decrease to $9 million. British Investment Fund agents believe that annual demand will rise to $23 million by the year 2015, but supply will fall to $13 million.


There are many reasons for this fluctuation between supply and demand, but because the demand for rough diamonds is increasing annually by 5%, the prognosis is that the annual supply of diamonds should increase by at least $0.5 million (USD).


Even though the search for new mines is ongoing, expert opinions indicate that this will not compensate for the increase in demand, raising the price for rough diamonds by one third, thus making them one of the safest investments available. Synthetic diamonds—considered by many to be of high quality—will never have the same investment value as natural diamonds.


Diamonds for everybody: you too have the opportunity to invest in natural diamonds!

Diamonds for everybody

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